Draft a Formal Letter

Drafting a formal letter should be very simple and up to the point. Unnecessary conversations and friendly greetings should be avoided. A formal letter describes a formal communication between two individuals or organizations. They can be a proposal, informational or promotional letters. Drafting a formal letter includes various aspects that are detailed below.


From address:

This address contains your address, the address of the individual/organization who is writing the letter. From address should be written on the right hand top corner of the letter.

To Address:

This address contains the address of the individual/organization to which the letter is addressed.

To address should be written on the left hand side of the letter


Date can be mentioned either on the right or left side of the page in line with the To address. Please note to mention the month in words for example it should be written as 15th August 2012 and not 15/08/2012.


Subject is the most important part of a formal letter and is very important to highlight the subject and mention it below the To address. Subject of a formal letter is the highlight to the matter described in the body. Just as a topic of an essay it is the topic of the letter and the heading of the purpose for writing the formal letter.

Salutation / Greeting:

Salutation is a greeting to give respect to the one whom this letter is addressed. It can be in the form of Dear Sir/Madam or can be directly addressed with the name for example- Dear Mr. Krishna.


Body of a formal letter should be straight to the point and should not carry lengthy unwanted conversations. The first paragraph should contain self introduction or a formal introduction to you, the complaint, appraisal or inquiry.

The second paragraph should include a detailed explanation to the matter and should contain all the technical or descriptive information about it.

The last paragraph should conclude with the expectation of the output desired from the described matter.


Ending the letter is always addressed with a respected complimentary close like yours sincerely/yours faithfully followed by the name of the person or organization writing the letter.

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