Develop Voice Quality

Developing voice quality is very essential for effective development of communication and leaving a lasting impression on the audience. A great voice quality automatically attracts the audiences and keeps them engaged in the event. When an individual possesses great quality it doesn’t matter what content he is prepared with, his voice quality is so beautiful that he captures the audience’s attention and makes the atmosphere comfortable and interesting.

Tips to develop voice quality-

Voice quality-Voice quality should be very crisp and loud enough; some individuals lose the clarity in search of loudness. A microphone is always available but still the quality of voice should be clear enough without the technical instruments, handling the voice then on the microphone is a different art.

Vocal Pitch-Changing the pitch of the voice during conversation is very essential to improve the quality of voice and make an impressive impact on the audience. Pitch can be changed by varying the speed and stressing on the important part of the sentences or paragraph while delivering the other simply with ease. Changing the vocal pitch gives the voice a very sharp and crisp tone which is very effective and engages the listener.

Be Natural- In orderhave a crisp clear and effective voice many individuals try to fake and imitate voices of others. This looks very vague and artificial. Being natural is the most important part of improvingvoice quality. Voice cannot be changed completely it has to be improved with various technique and the natural tone can be polished but not replaced with a different one.

Exercises- Various vocal exercises and techniques should be implemented to improve voice quality some exercises such as loud reading, good posture exercises that enable proper flow of voice, vocal chords should create sound that makes the vibration felt in the chest and back while sound delivery and when this is practically felt the output is effective. Various breathing exercises are effective to make the voice quality clear.


Techniques for improving voice quality start from practice and can be effectively developed with implementation of the techniques practically.

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