Develop English Vocabulary


Vocabulary plays a very crucial role in today’s fast growing world. Vocabulary means those usage of words that makes you stand apart from the crowd and makes a mark on others. Using the right amount of exact words at some places or during some occasions plays a deciding factor. Ideally, vocabulary means a set of words used at certain places and also at certain events.

Develop English Vocabulary

Now-a-days, vocabulary goes hand in hand with the fluency of its language. One is expected to have an accurate knowledge of the language and at the same time a good hand over the vocabulary. There are innumerable ways to improve the vocabulary:

  1. Reading– One of the best ways to give wings to your existing vocabulary is to read a variety of matter. Once a reading is done, you need to highlight the new words that you have come across.

Then search the meaning of the highlighted word and make sentences from them.

  1. Notan Over Night process–  Building the best of vocabulary is not an overnight thing. It is a gradual process and requires patience and practice.
  2. Whenever you come across a new word use it frequently-Staying in contact with the new words and applying them in our day to day life will help you to excel in the art of building vocabulary. You need to use the new learnt words in your daily conversations. Use them in 10- 15 different sentences to make them a part of your vocabulary.
  3. Speaking– Speaking has a vital role in enhancing vocabulary. In order to enhance the vocabulary, you need to listen and say new words. Take up one word each day and use it very often in your speech. Slowly, it will be embedded in your mind.


Building vocabulary is a gradual process. One needs to be truly determined to enhance the vocabulary and be very patient with one’s own self. You need to practice the vocabulary words, until they become your second nature and you start making use if them subconsciously rather than consciously.

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