Demerits of Technology based Communication tool

As the technology has advanced, it has provided us with ease and comfort. It has made our life more relaxed. But one should not ignore the fact that it has also made our life more dependable. As a coin has two sides, so does technology has its own pros and cons.

1. Expensive- With the advancement of technology, the cost of maintaining the technology has also increased. It can be very expensive to install a new communication technology that will incur more expenditure on the side of the organization. The organization would be expected to pay some additional fees to train the employees.

2. Poor face to face communication- As employees are using machines to communicate they get less time to talk to each other and also to know each other. This leads to not so good relationships among the employees in the organisation. It may act as a boon for people who are introverts buy they  would be denied the chance to learn how to interact with others.

3. Unsafe- As the information has been centralised for the common purpose of the employees, it is exposed to people who have wrong intentions and also to misuse them. Also the shared information can be attacked and all the data can be lost in a minute. In order to keep it safe the organisation may have to pay some extra cost to keep the information secured.

4. Generation gap- As the technology advances, it makes things complicated for the older generation. It gives them a tough time with the advancements made in technology. They are the ones who stand to lose as the company climbs the ladder of success, the reason being technology advancement.

5. Hampers ability- Excessive time on the net can decrease an individual’s ability to concentrate and apply themselves to some other task for a long time.

6. Reduce use of Body Language- Electronic communication does not allow any form of nonverbal communication like body language or any facial expressions that enables one to emphasize on the message.

Thus, the free flow of information across the Internet allows many individuals to bypass censorship in variety of ways. It also leads to data breaching which worsens the scenario.

Hence, an appropriate and free flow of advanced technology should be made to minimize the above mentioned demerits to the fullest.

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