Corporate Mannerisms


Etiquette is a set of customs and rules for polite behaviour, especially among a particular class of people or in a particular profession. In a growing corporate world, it is getting increasingly important to maintain etiquettes defining the business impression. Every qualified student covets a job in top corporate companies. On being recruited, performance becomes the primary focus and little care is taken on the etiquettes that go along with the better performance. It is estimated that the first impression is created in 3 seconds of the meeting. For employees to succeed in business meetings conversational skills and manners are vital. Etiquette means manners practiced in a particular environment. Corporate etiquettes is one which is adopted in every business keeping in mind the ethics and integrity.

Basic Etiquettes (Mannerisms)

1) Maintenance of personal hygiene

One needs to maintain personal hygiene at every level, be it at home or professionally. Often people do not consider to pay heed to minute details like trimmed nails, neat hair, oral hygiene etc. It does draw attention during a meeting and so requires proper maintenance.

2) Dress Code

Your attire speaks volumes about you. The dress should be neat and presentable. For men, boot and belt must be a match, trouser and tie a match and socks and shoes matched. For women, it varies according to country and culture, but basic should be no excessive jewellery, no loud colour and no tight fitting dress.

3) Handshake

A simple handshake says a lot about the personality of an individual. A handshake should be firm and assertive.

4) Email etiquette

The subject of the email needs to be specific and short. Font and size should be legible and neat with proper alignment of the contents. Salutation and Conclusion should be polite. Before sending the email the grammar, punctuation and format should be checked.

5) Respect the place of work

The most important thumb rule in a corporate is to respect the place of work. While performance is significant, practicing the etiquette are requisite skills for career growth of very individual.

6) Telephone Etiquette

It is of utmost importance to make the caller comfortable and mot to be kept on hold for a long time. To start a conversation, the caller should identify himself first and then continue to give the required message. Patient hearing is necessary.

7) Dining etiquette

Table manners play an important part in making a favourable impression. They are visible signals of our manners and therefore essential to professional success.

8) Giving Business Card

It should be given and taken by right hand. The card has to contain name, company details and contact details.


Corporate etiquette acts as a deciding factor. The appearance and manners give a lot of information about you. One should always strike a balance.

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