Commuting Etiquettes


Commuting is nothing but travelling regularly over some distance from a suburb to a city and back. Everyone needs to travel to the place of work every day. Some use their personal transport while others make use of public transport. Thousands of people commute to work every morning. After a tiring and difficult day they are again on their way home. Every individual would be in a different state of mind. Some people can also be in a bad mood. Tempers can be high and some would be waiting to shout back. Having good commuting etiquettes and mannerisms act as an inspiration for others.

Those who take personal transport face difficulties like the never ending queues and also many additional problems. Some companies also provide additional pickups and drops. This form of commuting can be comfortable as one is free from the hassles of driving and parking.

Punctuality plays a key role in following commuting etiquettes. For instance if one wishes to act in an eco friendly manner then one can opt for pool vehicles system. This requires commitment. For this system to become successful one must understand personal responsibilities.

For people whose journeys are short, can opt for auto-rickshaws or taxis the only challenge in this case can be getting the vehicles on time. Those who travel by bus should be well versed with the bus timings and the bus numbers.

One must observe discipline at the bus stop by standing in queues. Monthly pass option is a better alternative than to buy a ticket every day. This always saves us from the inconvenience of carrying change and during peak hours the buses are full and one should beware of pickpocketers is well.

Following etiquettes helps in making the journey hassle free. During rush hours, get up at least one stop before your scheduled drop. This will enable you to get off swiftly at your desired stop. The same is applicable while travelling in train. Getting a seat during peak hours is a task, so one should learn to travel standing. In train there are special coaches for first class travel. This can add some comfort.


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