Communication with Confidence


Communication is sharing of ideas and information. While many people think of communication primarily in oral or written form, communication is much more. A knowing look or a gentle touch can also communicate a message loud and clear.

Confidence is a word which we frequently use in everyday language, yet rarely do we stop and think what it means. Confidence is about being certain of your own abilities. It is about future. Confidence involves the belief that things will turn out well. Confidence may sometimes be used interchangeably with optimism.

Communication with Confidence

Effective communication skills are an asset in many life situations. They can contribute to a higher level of success in your career, new friends and give you a sense of confidence when faced with a room full of strangers. Confident communicators are self- confident and have good self esteem. They believe they are worth being listened. They like to hear the views and opinions of others. They are able to take and give criticism without feeling inadequate and hurt.

The only way to improve communication is to change the way you feel, think and act. In Order to communicate confidently, you need to:

  • Mature open minded personality
  • Ask the right questions
  • Listen Effectively
  • Read and interpret body language
  • Understand what is being said behind the words
  • Use the right words
  • Self Confidence
  • Genuine interest in other people


Acting more confidently begins with thinking more confidently. Brain is a very powerful organ. It sends messages to people through the body language. If you feel that your point of view is worthless, it will be relayed to other people through your body language. Having confidence is all about believing in yourself and the only way you can build your belief in what you are capable of is by taking action in the world and learning through trial and error.


Focusing on action plans are great, as they help both you and the person you are talking with. It helps you remain focused on identifying actions. When the discussion is done, the other person has action items that they can work on, instead of worrying about how to handle the situation.



 To communicate through messages with confidence, the main rule is to separate the situation fr4om the person. The end result desired and required actions are what you are focusing on. The nicest outcome of communicating with confidence is when you see the other person improving and producing good results.



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