Communication Style

Develop your own natural and relaxed communication style

Communication skills have a significant importance for development of an individual’s personality. It plays a very important role in setting up an impression of the individual’s

Personality on the public. Every different individual has his/her own way of communicating with the public and every individual needs grooming for the same in order to be an effective speaker. There are different ways to develop communication skills depending upon the need of every individual and the objective or aim to develop communication. External training and development is essential to learn the process of effective communication but developing the communication skills effectively with a unique natural and relaxed style is the key.

Steps to develop a natural and relaxed communication style-

 Many individuals try to change their unique style of communication during the process of learning and development and try to speak and imitate the way others speak making their own self uncomfortable. One should always refrain himself from such practices and first be comfortable with the style of communication they think to develop or adopt.

Accent developmentis very common amongst individuals some have an accent of their mother tongue that is mixed with English and hence is the most important and high priority change in communication style. Individuals facing this difficulty should first get rid of the accent with practice of pronunciation and later develop their own relaxed style of communication.

Some others try to forcibly put a foreign accent to show they know a lot but it always appears fake and uncomfortable to the speaker as well as the listener and hence should be avoided if not naturally acquired.


Developing a natural and relaxed communication style always gives a great impression of the speaker to the audience and in times of miscommunication does not appear that the speaker is fake or trying to say something that he doesn’t have knowledge about. Whereas behaving or trying to imitate someone else’s style is a bad idea and always have risks of creating goof ups which create a very bad impression on public.




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