Communication Cycle

Communication Cycle refers to the whole process of communication from the origin up to the conceptualization and the response of the intended message by the tight person. The communication cycle remains incomplete before feedback. Communication is the fundamental part of our lives. The process of communication is fairly simple and easy to understand. Communication process begins at the sender. The sender is the person who is originating the message, he encodes the message and sends the message across. The receiver on the other hand has to decode the message from the medium,  receive the message and understand the message. He had to give a reply or a feedback to the sender to ensure that the message is understood.


The first step in communication cycle is determining what the message will be and who will be at the receiving end. The sender of the communication should also consider the profile of the recipient. In addition, the mode of communication should also be considered. A verbal message needs to be designed differently than a written message. Before sending the message, all these aspects should be taken into consideration.


Once the message is transmitted the next step depends on the receiver of the message.  The recipient must be open to the communication including being willing to listen or read what is transmitted. The sender should keep potential barriers in mind and work with the recipient to overcome them. The recipient can also get distracted by other events or messages. It is then recipients responsibility to focus on the communication in order to complete the cycle.


The communication cycle is completed with the confirmation and comprehension of the message. When the receiver provides feedback to the sender, the sender is assured that the message is received and understood appropriately. Feedback can be in the form of written or oral response or body language in case of face to face communication. Repeating key points back to the sender provides concrete evidence that the receiver understood the content of the message.

Communication is the primary element in many aspects of operating a successful small business. The cycle of communicamust must be completed in order for the communication efforts to be successful. Effective communication is referred to as an exchange rather than as simply sending out a message.

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