Communication Channel – Choosing the best medium!

The essence of good communication remains the same despite the technological advances.. Emotional intelligence and self-awareness are important for you in communicating with others. You need to think through not only what to say and how to say it but also how your message is influenced by the technology you use.

While choosing a medium of communication, the most important decision is to consider who is the respective audience and the objective of the message itself. To help such decision, it is important to refer to the list of mediums below.

Team meetings

Team meetings give an opportunity for discussion, feedback, questioning and ideas and can help build understanding and involvement. It can make communication personal and relevant to the team involved.


It can reach mass audiences fast. It is cost effective and simple to use. Also consistent and controlled message reaches the recipient directly. It is good for information, awareness or instruction


It is also consistent, controlled and a creative and entertaining medium as it shows real people talking about their experiences. The camera never lies so it can show proof or progress of any kind.

Print magazine

Even time-pressured staff can read in coffee breaks, on trains, etc. It can address/reflect staff feedback and respond and can show how everything fits together and reinforce company brand. It can reach the entire company with a consistent message.


It is good for remote workforces and also effective for information and instruction.

Notice boards

It is visible and may catch people’s eye when too time pressured to read anything else and also good for instructions and information

Text messaging

It is good for reaching remote workers and crisis communication. It can be used to direct people to further sources of information. It can be used to update senior managers on important news whilst on leave

Events/ road shows

It acts as an opportunity for key people to reach mass audiences face-to-face. It is flexible and responsive. It can include Q&A sessions, break-out groups and involve people. It can build team spirit and motivate and also used to address controversial issues

Open forum

It gives opportunity to raise and discuss the real issues and also helps leaders to understand how things really are. It also enables people to feel heard.


It is helpful for remote workers. It also provides opportunity to hear about issues from senior leaders.

The communication options you choose will depend on what you want to accomplish and what you and your clients find comfortable.

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