Commitment towards Work

Every organisation desires employees who are committed and focused to their work. Employees can worry that you will join and get trained, only to move on again. So, the candidate must be ready to give a good reason for each and every job move that a candidate makes.

Always try to speak about the positive reasons you decided to join a new organisation rather than the negative reasons you decided to leave your old one.

If you worked for a particular organisation for significantly less than a year, then you may be pushed to explain that you left because you had learnt enough about the job. You can also admit that the job was not right for you.

If you have been with the company but have taken variety of roles, explain each role about land ensure that the message that is conveyed says that each role was about land challenge and that you saw no reason to leave.

The interviewers may also have a concern regarding how you would be able to adjust with the new atmosphere, with fresh faces and different ways of working. One must put all the worries of interview to rest by providing an example of how you have made some positive transition at work.

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