Characteristics of Essay

An essay is a composition that favours a position or an opinion. It is also called thesis. The essay should not only demonstrate the overall knowledge but it should  also reflect the insight of the subject.

Randomly picking up any topic, will be of no help. One should select a topic that one can fully explore. It will provide one with more relevant content. So, one should always narrow down to a topic that provides one with the content that one can elaborate on.

Thesis can also be developed if one has a strong and clear offering to make some original insight. Reading essays and picking up thesis statement will help one to identify and compose one’s own content.

Topic should be selected depending on the thoughts that one has. Irrespective of the size of the essay, a knowledge content will only provide it a cut above the edge. A standard 1500 word essay, will generally take 3-4 paragraphs, but each paragraph having the bestest content, will give it quality. Each paragraph should have its own topic but directly or indirectly connected to the thesis.

The essay should be written in a chronological order. It should first describe the event in order of their occurrence. This keeps the readers intact and makes them enjoy their read. It keeps them have a hold over the audience.

The introduction should introduce both the broader subject as well as specific topic that one is attempting to write. The introductort part should engage the reader and also prompt them to keep reading.

The concluding paragraph should be a quick recapitulation of the events that are mentioned in the above  parts of the letter.

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