Business English


“Business English” is that English which makes you stand out of the crowd and helps you in getting attention, in good spirits.

Business English: Focus on common vocabulary and phrases used in the business world. Also on the types of materials, texts and articles, which introduce Business terminology.

Business Interactions: Focus on the business interactions, meetings, telephoning and negotiation. Texts which provide interactional practice in varied situations.

Business Correspondence: Focus on business and professional writing such as letters, memos, proposals etc. Texts which provide examples and practice in various writing formats.

Business Presentations: Focus on preparing and delivering professional presentations. Texts and articles, which provide tips on making formal presentations.

English needs assessment

Assessment of English language before learning is art of Business English. It axts as an ice breaker and gets people talking.

Areas to focus on

One needs to focus on telephonic talks through Role Plays. This will force ones own self to listen to one another very carefully. Role Play activities are excellent practice which will allow oneself to act out common situations such as meeting someone for the first time or what to say at a dinner party. One needs to make sure that all these activities are relevant to their real jobs as well.

Email writing

One needs to have the tool and confidence to start and end emails in a professional way. Go over phrases that you will come across and get them to practice writing each other emails that they would need to write in the everyday jobs. In the process of learning, make a note of other areas or terms which may need a bit of work on as they come up.

Once with the determination to learn Business English, one must follow a specific structure and put it in practice in once day to day activities.

Reading has to become once passion. One must jot down few words that they come across or which are unfamiliar to them. Must also have one dictionary handy and so some research of the particular word. Then follow the 21-day cycle of using the words and then be the first one to make an impact to your speech by using the updated English Vocabulary.

Need Analysis of the audience play a crucial role. If one is very much aware of good Business English and the crowd that they face is very basic, then all the efforts put by the speaker goes in vain. Because how much ever English one uses, if the audience is basic then, it is of no point. If the speaker is facing a crowd of senior most people, then usage of “Business English” makes sense.


The key to make one self stand out of the crowd or to grab eyeballs is the usage of Business English at its best. Once one follows the use of Business English, Confidence, Right Attitude and Fearless facing of corporate world comes handy.


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