Breathing out of Tension in Interview

‘Interview’ the word itself can cause tension to some people.  One’s brain, body and behaviour are all interconnected. People who feel nervous, often start to breath more quickly, which can make the person feel dizzy and may also cause a panic attack. In this case, breathing more slowly and deeply can summon up feelings of intense relaxation.

Below mentioned are the few steps:

1. One should familiarise oneself with the company or organisation for which one is interviewing oneself. Knowing more than just basic information about one’s possible new job will prepare oneself better for the interview.

2. One should get a good amount of sleep the night before the scheduled interview.  Being tired on the day of interview can make one feel more worried and less prepared.

3. One should arrive at least half an hour before the scheduled interview time. This will provide plenty of time to review any notes that one would desire to have a glance at. This will make one mentally prepared for the interview.

Once prepared take a walk outside. Doing so will give one extra energy to go smoothly through the interview process. This last step of preparation is a great final way to reduce stress before the interview.

Thus one should not feel pressurised by the mere thoughts of Interview.

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