Body Language and Tone in Interview

Rapport is not established at any point in the interview. Building rapport is something that you need to do throughout the interview.

  • 1. Eye contact

One has to maintain an eye contact throughout the interview. The candidate should look in the eyes of the interviewer while speaking. It indicates transparency and displays confidence. One can raise their eye brows occasionally. It shows that one is actively paying attention to what the interviewer is saying.

  • 2. Hand movements

One can make use of hand movements to emphasize key points. Observe any good public speaker and one will notice that they use their hands to punctuate their words.

3. Short utterances

One can make use of short utterances like “mmm” occasionally to show that one understands and agrees with what the interviewer is saying or asking.

4. Volume

One needs to keep a watch on the volume of one’s speech. Being barely audible would show that one is less confident and being too loud would make one appear to be arrogant.

5. Avoid sounding monotonous

One of the commonest complains that interviewers have is that the candidates sound flat, lifeless and boring throughout the interview session. So one must talk about one’s own achievements and sound lively.

Thus, voice qualities such as tone, volume and inflection of speech have a major effect in projecting one’s personality and it also reflects one’s enthusiasm and confidence.

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