Basic English Grammar

The Basic foundation of every aspect of learning is the most important and plays a key role in effective development. Similarly Basic grammar is the most important and the basic aspect of learning English effectively. English grammar contains some basic elements that are very essential to understand and get a fair knowledge of the language which are detailed as follows:

Key elements of basic grammar:

Noun: A noun can be defined as a person, place animal or thing. It takes the place of subject or object in a sentence. Example: Pratik is hungry. Here Pratik is the noun as it is a name of a person.

Pronoun: Pronoun can be defined as a word that takes the place of noun to describe the subject or object. Example: He is hungry. Here he is used instead of the noun pratik which is stated as pronoun.

Verb: Verb can be defined as the action in the sentence. Example: He plays cricket. Here playing is the action and hence play can be defined as a verb.

Adjective: Adjective can be defined as a word that supports or modifies a noun or pronoun. Adjectives are mostly used before the noun or pronoun that it supports.
Example: She has a sweet voice. Here sweet is adjective that is supporting the pronoun “she”.

Adverb: Adverb can be described as a word that supports or modifies a verb or even an adjective. Example: He plays excellent guitar. Here excellent is an adverb that is supporting the verb plays.

Preposition: Preposition can be defined as words that are used to connect noun or pronoun or other words in a sentence. Example: Ram and Krishna are playing cricket. Here the word and is used to connect two nouns Ram and Krishna which can be described as a preposition.

Sentence: A sentence can be defined as a combination of words that contain an object and a subject that in relation makes a meaningful description. Example: My Brother Plays guitar .Here a noun and a verb are connected together to make a meaningful explanation that is defined as a sentence.  

Tenses: Tense can be defined as sentences that with the help of verb describe the time and occurrence of a particular event or thing and details about its occurrence. Tenses are of three forms Namely Present, Past and Future tense which can be further categorized into 9 more forms.

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