Attire Etiquette


Dressing Etiquette is the way we communicate with our clothing and dress. Dressing elegant has much to do with dressing appropriately. Clothes have a secret language of their own. They communicate more than we realize. That is why, movie stars pay a handsome amount to designers to dress them and organize their wardrobe. They need to be dressed in a certain way to send out a certain message. Good clothes are considered as a ticket to decent places.

Dressing Etiquette

  • Shoes constitute an important part of the overall dress. Keep them shiny and clean all the time.
  • Wear your dress according to the occasion. Clothes must always be clean, stain free and properly pressed. Make up helps us look naturally beautiful. Do not overdo to the extent it looks artificial.
  • Nothing justifies dirty or disordered hair. A style is good if you keep you hair neat and tidy throughout the day with a minimum effort.
  • Take extra care of all those parts of the body that are exposed to direct light and sun.
  • Wear light colored clothes such as white, beige, pastel. Dark clothes are too harsh and loud.
  • When meetings with clients or other business associates, whether in your office or theirs, you should dress appropriately. Whenever in doubt, adopt the traditional business attire.
  • All business attires, whether traditional or casual, should be reflective of a professional, dignified appearance.
  • Aim for a classic and understated look when selecting your casual business wear for the day. Pick clothing that is comfortable yet communicate a professional attitude.
  • Combine some of your existing business wardrobes with the casual outfits.
  • Clothing should be clean, pressed or wrinkle free and without holes or frayed areas. Shirts need to be tucked in.
  • Hairstyle should project professional appearance, clean, neatly trimmed and well groomed.


Dressing is just the reflection of your thoughts and needs. One needs to be well groomed and aware about the location that one is about to visit and the kind of people you are going to beĀ  surrounded with.

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