Assertive Communication

Assertiveness means standing up for your personal rights, expressing thoughts, beliefs and feelings in a direct, honest and an appropriate way. In all our interactions with other people, whether at home or at work, assertiveness can help one to express oneself in a clear, open and reasonable way. By keeping one’s communication assertive, one should always respect the thoughts, feelings and beliefs of other people. Be it in one’s personal or professional life, being assertive can help one to build and maintain self confidence in all situatons. Assertiveness is not just about speaking your mind but it is also about how you speak your mind.

Long term relationships can be sustained by two key elements of Honesty and Mutual respect. Speaking assertively is not magic. It is a technique that one can use with close ones to provide feedback. By being assertive, you are respectful of yourself as well as the person who you are speaking with. Lack of assertiveness will lead to various negative consequences such as resentment, emotional withdrawal and also to a loss of relationship. Ideally there are 3 communication styles: Passive, Aggressive and Assertive.

Passive means to keep feelings and thoughts to yourself and not to express yourself easily. Aggressive means to scream and yell at others to make a point. Assertiveness is a midpoint between Passive and Aggressive. If you aspire a healthy relationship, then having an assertive approach is of utmost importance. One needs to build one’s self confidence. Remind oneself of all the positive qualities and capabilities.

Before switching to the aggressive mode, one should ask ones own self, how should you handle the situation, which is completely different from how you feel like dealing with it. Look for the best way to express yourself and always remember that it is not necessary to sugarcoat what you desire to say.  Thus, in order to have an Assertive Approach, one should always deal with the issue immediately rather than allowing the frustration to build. If you wait for too long, it can escalate emotions and spark a heated response.

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