Appropriate dressing for Women for presentations

Delivering a speech to the audience can be stressful but what racks your brain the most is the appropriate dressing for the big show that can get all the eyes on you.  Due to this reason,  looking professional and presentable is the biggest concern. A mix and match of glamour and professionalism is very important for women represent a more gracious personality than men. Everything from the head to toe should be perfectly groomed as the rolling eyes of audience will not stick to the hair but will see the dress-up as well as the shoes too.

BUSINESS FORMAL PRESENTATIONS:-  The business formal look that is common in finance, law, and insurance can have these dressing options:-

1. The Suit For women, either a pants suit or skirt suit in a dark, neutral color is appropriate. For a slightly softer look, try navy instead of black as it tends to provide less contrast between the suit and your skin.

2. The Blouse A good blouse can be hard to find—but the right blouse contains a hidden button that keeps your blouse fully closed so that no one is distracted—including you.

3. The Jewelry Business formal calls for little to no jewelry, but you can wear a pair of studs. Make them small and simple to show some femininity without being obtrusive.

4. The Shoes Choose a sensible heel (3” or less) with a closed toe in a neutral color. That doesn’t automatically mean it has to be boring—try a low-heel which has cutout sides, for a little jolt of femininity on your feet.

5. The Pants Go with a trouser instead of a crop or a skinny pant, unless your office is super casual. Make sure that the pants fit correctly and are hemmed to the appropriate length (they shouldn’t touch the floor). Pants can be worn creased or uncreased.

6. The Cardigan Instead of a jacket, try a shot of springy color in a softly shaped cardigan that will create a great contrast against crisp pants. Go for a longer cardigan that hits at the hips to help elongate your shape and create a more polished look.

The choice of clothes depends from person to person. Some may feel that a white coat looks more classy and professional with a standard, while others may feel that black looks more elegant. Other colors like blue or brown are also accepted for presentations but the idea is to sport an attire that can do justice to the topic of the presentation.

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