ABC’s of Time Management

Time management is the most effective tool if utilized perfectly. In today’s competitive world it is very important to leave an effective impression of one’s capabilities and activities. In order to leave an effective impression it is very important to have an edge over the others participating in the same rat race. Time management is an effective tool that provides this leading edge in being ahead in this race. Time management is a process of managing time effectively to complete assigned tasks in a particular time frame successfully. There are different aspects of time management that can be explained as follows-

Proper planning

In order to make effective use of time the most important tool before starting is proper planning. When there is a proper planning of any given particular task it is easier to execute step by step rather than thinking and deciding over every other step to be taken. Proper planning avoids this wastage of time and hence proves effective saving a lot of time that can be dedicated to other tasks.


Time management is not a pre defined module that can be followed and desired results can be achieved. It is an art that can be achieved with proper experience of managing the priorities and handling them efficiently. Management of the assigned tasks like putting them in proper order according to priorities and managing them is the key. Smaller hindrances to the tasks like unwanted phone calls, door bells, and extended breaks should be managed properly as these smaller issues create the actual delay.

Effective Usage

Effective usage of time can be made using some important aspects such as starting and ending sessions on time, not creating unplanned meetings, Sticking to the plan, Consolidating tasks into smaller intervals and completing the tasks that are more difficult first.


The most important aspect of all that saves time and is neglected by most of the individuals is learning to say NO when they are unavailable, this reduces the unplanned meetings and creates an effective management of time that is favorable.

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