Master 5 body mannerisms to magnetize people towards you… Part 1

Many of our mannerisms are subconscious, and we also read other people’s mannerisms subconsciously. What you converse is only leading edge of communication. The rest lies in your body language. The different forms of body mannerisms are essentially the ways that we can convey nonverbal messages.

1. Power of Smiling

Radiant  smile reflects confidence, warmth and trustworthiness. As Dale Carnegie quoted “Use your smile to be an effective communicator”.  WE should wear your hair clean and styled neatly. Smile lightly also when you are being introduced to each member of your panel. With this body language you can build a good rapport Today, when someone smiles, a glum mood is lifted, an apology is accepted, a person’s shaky self-confidence gets a boost, a deal is struck, a physical attraction is communicated . facial expressions simply reflect your feelings, but to some extent they cause them as well. A fleeting smile has the capacity to burrow deep into the subconscious of the person who sees it and set off positive changes from within.

2. Eye contact.

A person’s direction of gaze is significant to engage in a productive communicative session. Very occasionally it’s okay to break it by looking around the room like you’re distracted by something (doing this is a bit of a push). Look into her eyes with a steady relaxed gaze. Hold it. From time to time look away to the side (never down) in a natural unforced way. Eye contact is one of the key components of your non verbal game; keep in mind that it is your non verbal expressions such as your body language, tonality and eyes that are mostly likely to create or kill the attraction. All things being equal; men who hold good eye contact are perceived by women as being more.  Good strong eye contact is an emblematic trait of leaders and powerful men because it is an overt display of dominance.

3. Avoid Fidgeting 

To Fidget  means to make small movements, especially of the hands or feet, due to nervousness, impatience, agitation, or boredom. If you ever find yourself bouncing your leg over and over, tapping your foot, spinning a ring on your finger, or squirming in your chair, you are fidgeting. Whether it’s with a pen, or a piece of plastic, it’s this urge to do something with your hands. It is an unconscious habit that relieves energy but  sometimes it stems from nervousness  and being anxious in interviews, social situations and presentations.  Those  people who make more “incidental” movements — such as repeatedly tapping their feet or getting up to walk to the restroom can also be a relatively healthy way to release nervous energy or creativity

In our next segment, we would be aware of the next body mannerisms.

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