Importance of Interview Training

Interview training can be defined as a process of enhancing your communication skills and various other aspects to make a mark for being successful in an interview. Interviewing skills are a really important factor in deciding the success factor of an individual with regards to his interview performance. Just as soldiers smoothen their guns before a war, a warrior sharpens his sword before a fight similarly an individual before appearing for a job interview needs interview training.

Importance of Interview training

The growing rat race and the competition in the current scenario of the corporate world have numerous challenges and opportunities as well but due to lack of self confidence and communication aspects individuals’ fear from challenges and obstacles keep them away from the growing opportunities. Interview training builds self confidence and reinstates their skills that are diminished due to fear of growing competition and challenges.

Interview training sharpens the skills of the individuals and helps them build a stable state of mind that is the most important for excelling in the interview.

Interview is equally important for the employer as important it is for an employee. The corporate world always looks up to its demands and selects the one that is the best for them. The interviewer has a bigger responsibility of choosing the best amongst the candidates appeared and making your chances better than others, that requires an added edge and a spark in yourself for the job.

It’s not always about how important the job is for you rather the way you would benefit the organization matters the most. The feeling of me myself and mine is something that drives the individuals to fail in grabbing the opportunities.

Interview is not an examination where you have to showcase your knowledge about the subject it is an opportunity or rather an exhibition where you need to present your talents and skills in an effective manner that leaves a lasting impression on the interviewer.

Techniques for effective group discussion

Group discussion-
Group discussions play a key role in effective development of an individual. It can be defined as a process where individuals express their views and discussion about a particular topic for which the group of individuals have been invited. Group discussion includes a particular number of individuals that form a group and then discuss on a particular topic with professional behaviours and practices. Group discussion techniques have great importance and they help in effective development of an individual’s personality. Communication skill, body language, negotiating skills develops in a very effective manner.

Techniques for effective group discussion

Doing the homework-
Possessing adequate knowledge about various current topics and other important discussions is very essential for having effective participation in the group discussion. Having this proactive behaviour is the key to make a successful impression on the audience. Group discussions depend solely on the topic chosen for the discussion and it is very essential for the individuals to do their homework and be prepared to give effective results.

Communication skills-
Having adequate content and knowledge on the topic chosen for discussion is essential but only this cannot bring the effectiveness. Delivering the content effectively is also very important. Communication skills play an important part in completing this process of delivering with effectiveness. Various modulation techniques and command in the tone is a great way to enhance communication that gives a great impression on the group discussion.

First impression is the last impression and when you get the chance show it all you have. Individuals usually hesitate to be the first one to start but this is an opportunity in disguise to make your mark and to grab the opportunity you just have to start well and even if later you maintain a balance your chances of making it to the race are much greater.

Body language
Our actions always speak more than our words. Maintaining a balance is very essential for an effective personality. Body language plays a key role in addition the edge to your communication and other potential skills. It draws a complete outline to your personality and gives a clear image that you are effective enough to bring successful results.    

Excellence in Public speaking and Presentation skills

Public speaking and Presentation skills are the most effective and significant aspects of professional development of an individual. Public speaking and Presentation skills play a significant role in developing the personality of an individual irrespective of what background or professional stream they belong to.

Public speaking skills are very effective for making great impression in the public, they play a key role in getting the much desired attention from the public and allow continuous development and growth of an individual. Public speaking skills are equally essential to negotiate with business delegates to create winning situations in opportunities of great competition. They are very essential for building long term relations within the professional barrier and carry forward a healthy business relation.

Public speaking skills are an important aspect in developing the effectiveness to perfection which requires a combination of various skills. Presentation skills along with public speaking play a significant role in adding the required edge to compete in the challenging corporate scenario.
Presentation skills are very important to make the effective first impression a permanent one. Effective presentation is very essential for the success or promotion of any material object. Presentation starts first from the self and then continues to make its impression on an individual’s professional and personal background.

Key steps to develop Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Body language- Public speaking is not only by communication, our body and the behaviour in public speaks a lot about our personality and makes our impression in public. Presentation plays a major role in making our Body language appropriate enough for display of effective public image in a presentable manner.

Observation- Observation is an important factor that helps to develop effective public speaking and presentation skills. Observing individuals with effective command over their skills and improving your skills is a great way to develop effective skills at a fast pace.

Reading-Reading develops the public speaking and presentation skills of an individual in various ways, The presentation of the article or reading material can be judged by the manner in which it is published and written. The format of the article helps to build the written presentation skills. Reading improves the vocabulary and fluency thereby developing an individual’s command over the language enhancing the public speaking skills.   

Key Steps For Improving English Fluency

English fluency is an important aspect of communication that is very essential for the growth and development of an individual’s personality. Grammar is the most important and technical aspect that strengthens communication skills of an individual. Grammar improves fluency however many individuals possessing fair grammatical knowledge struggle while conversing in English for a longer time. This lack of fluency in particular individuals is due to improper training. Understanding grammar and pronunciation of words in English is essential but fluency can be developed with good amount of training in conversing in English.

Key steps for improving English fluency

English fluency is very important for efficient conversation professionally and personally, an individual fluent enough with his/her communication skills has great abilities to communicate which helps in convincing, marketing or selling different ideas and also for creating great impression on public. Few important aspects for great fluency in communication are detailed below-

Reading improves fluency in a great way. Understanding new words and trying to pronounce them properly gives a proper rhythm of reading that helps in conversation. Reading various English books and novels that have gained popularity in the market and reading English newspapers is the first step to improve fluency. Using new words, understanding them and trying to use in your conversation helps in a great way.

Practice is very essential for attaining the objective in any form of task and it’s the same with English speaking. Communicating often in English is very important to develop fluency. Individuals hesitate to communicate when they are at a learning stage due to fear of being wrong and making a mistake. Mistakes are the first step to learning and rectifying them with proper knowledge is essential for development of fluency. Conversing with friends and family even when you are wrong proves a great help and develops great communication. This practice might sound artificial and embarrassing at the beginning but the development is equally rewarding.

Listening to other’s style of communication, watching various English entertainment shows, news channels and trying to understand the way they speak helps in a great way. Using new phrases and trying to get them in your own fluency is a great technique to avoid making it look fake and improves fluency effectively.

Effective Communication Skills

Communication skills are a key aspect for successful growth and development of an individual. The importance of communication skills can be understood by making out the difference between a person who can talk and one who is dumb since birth. There is no difference in their appearance but communication plays a major factor. An individual that is not well versed with effective communication in corporate world is regarded similar to a person that who cannot speak.

Communication is very important to convey a message to an individual, public or a group. Effective communication on the other hand can be defined when the same message is conveyed with the confidence and conviction.  Communication skills are very important for creating lasting impressions and making effective as well as strong relationships.

Key steps to improve communication skills :

Grammar- Grammar is an essential aspect of communication. Having a strong foundation of grammar is very essential to have a good hold over the language of communication. Failing to structure appropriate sentences and incorrect use of vocabulary are the two aspects that can prove fatal to communication and hence the basic part of communication forms the most essential part for effective communication.

Body language-Body language forms part of the non-verbal communication and is an essential trait of an individual that speaks a lot about his/her personality. A pleasing body language with an effective verbal communication works wonders when used appropriately. Having an erect posture and a pleasing body language displays an effective personality and ensures success.

Tone –Verbal tone while communicating is essential to make an impact on the more important aspects of the content. The pitch should always move according to the flexibility of the content that makes it perfect for the audience to hear and connect to the speaker and relate efficiently. The tone can be high on a more impactful description while normal to low on other areas of content.

Confidence-Confidence is a key characteristic that displays effective communication. Confidence is essential for creating impact in every situation and hence adds an added edge to the communication skills. Improving confidence requires being well prepared and free from fear to display confident communication. 

Importance of Dressings

The appearance of an individual matters to a great extent in deciding the first impression for the individual. Public appearances in today’s world have to be very calculative in order to make an effective impact on the audience. Just as you would not like a joker coming in a normal outfit in the circus people don’t like to appreciate a person who is not dressed according to the occasion and the event. Dressings sense is very essential to look appropriate according to the required outfit and event. Can you imagine an individual coming in a marriage ceremony with a short pant and a t-shirt? Or someone with the outfit of a superman to a corporate meeting? Both the outfits can blow someone’s mind if not worn according to the events.

Dressings for a corporate event must be profession and the get up of a superman suits for a fancy dress, short pants are good for sports and a marriage ceremony requires you to be a traditional outfit. First impression is the last impression and it is generally made by people within the first few minutes of the interaction. Appearance is the only and major factor deciding the first impression of an individual. Effective dressing makes an individual look bright and things that appear bright always get the attention. Presentation matters a lot in selling anything in the same manner we have to present ourselves in an effective manner to get hired and continue effective progress and development of self.

Corporate dressing style:-  

Corporate dressing style requires a formal and very clean professional look which can be effectively carried by women wearing either a plain and elegant sari with matching footwear that is comfortable not too high heel or low that makes them uncomfortable to even walk , apart from a sari a skirt and a shirt also gives great appearance. Skirts should not be too tight and should be of knee length. Footwear should be closed from toes with minimum accessories or makeup.

Men’s corporate dressing includes a dark colour suit preferably black with a light shirt formal shoes and clean shaved look that gives a professional and pleasant appearance. An individual at executive level has an exception of excluding the suit and simple yet elegant combination of shirt and trousers with or without a tie looks effective.


Comprehension is the process of reading and understanding any particular material and deriving the meaning of the whole story. Understanding the story and complete meaning is very important to deliver appropriate feedback and explanation. Reading comprehension skills are very important to understand the language effectively.

In simple words understanding what you are reading is comprehension. It is at times difficult and thorough practice of understanding and reading is essential to comprehend. Comprehension is conducted during and after reading analysis of the understanding is then initiated that comes later in the explanation part in form of questions and answers that makes the explanation process more effective.

Comprehension makes reading process very effective. It starts with reading and is followed by understanding the sound of letters and then with the words and finally understanding the sound of the sentences that initiate the comprehension process. Comprehension is completely dependent on the process of reading and understanding. Effective reading and understanding makes the process of comprehension more effective.

It improves vocabulary. Understanding the meaning of different words and practice of understanding the meaning of the sentence as a whole is very important. Vocabulary is the heart of comprehension, if an individual has a great practice of learning vocabulary it is easier for him/her to comprehend the different texts or sentences. A great way to improve vocabulary is reading different kind of published materials such as textbooks, newspapers, articles and gradually increasing the difficulty level helps to develop it in a better way.

The most common mistake made by a participant is that they give more emphasis on reading than comprehension. Reading without comprehension is not effective as the actual pronunciation of words and understanding matters the most. Proper understanding comes with comprehension which improves the overall aspects related to communication.

For example:- A person well versed in English might be able to read foreign languages but without  understanding  reading doesn’t help and is just a waste of time and energy hence comprehension plays a significant importance.

Communication skills

Communication skills can be defined as the speaking skills possessed by an individual that makes his/her communication in personal or public effective. Communication means to transfer a message or communication from one end to other whereas communication skills are various aspects related to communication that are used to make the communication more effective. Communication plays a significant role in the growth and development of an individual’s life.

Importance of communication skills

Communication skills are very important for creating great impressions in public with your speaking power. Communication plays a vital role in deciding the success of an individual. Effective communication leads to effective sales and convincing techniques which are of great demand in the corporate world. Every company needs employees that meet the challenges and complete the demands of the organization. Communication skills provide a leading edge in meeting the growing challenges in the corporate world and help to meet the expectations of the industry.

 Improving communication skills-

Improving communication skills is a very essential aspect to enable continuous growth and development of an individual. Improving communication skills requires various aspects to be effective that are detailed below-

Effective Tone- English speaking or vocabulary is not the only thing essential for improving communication skills. The manner in which content is delivered plays a great role in making the impact on the audience. The pitch of the voice should be effective and voice modulation such as stressing the important aspects of the content is essential.

Body language- Communication from the mannerisms of an individual’s behavioural action is defined as the body language. It is essential to maintain a strong yet effective and submissive character that spreads positive vibes amongst the public and proves effective and impactful on them.

Confidence- Confidence is the most essential quality an individual must possess to make effective communication. Confidence develops with positive thoughts and a positive mind is always confident of what it does. Too much confidence turns into arrogance and hence being polite is also essential.

Communication as a whole has various aspects which enable an individual to develop and reciprocate with the audience and communicate effectively.


Career Options for Corporate Trainer

Career as a corporate trainer is in high demand in today’s current scenario. The demand for individuals with great communication skill is increasing day by day. The current rat race for being successful is getting tougher with the growing competition and hence the need for corporate trainers has increased making it a highly rewarding career option.      Corporate trainers are in great demand to bring about the most needed changes in the individuals to bring about the professional image of the company and enhance the face value along with the quality of work. Depending about the various aspects corporate trainers can be involved in various attributes of training some of which are detailed below-

Freelance Trainer– A freelance trainer is an individual trainer that is not in contract or hired for a longer term by an organization, these trainers are approachable for particular small term contracts that can be based over a period of months, weeks or a few days. Freelance training is gaining high momentum; trainers are involved in many organizations in various aspects of training.

BPO Trainer-BPO trainer is another aspect of the corporate trainer. Training in BPO industry is very essential for effective communication and presentation of work. It is very essential for a BPO trainer to be well versed with voice and accent training as BPO’s usually work on the custom based calling orders that need to possess an accent different from the home country. BPO trainers are in great demand with the growing demand of the BPO industry.

VNA Trainer-VNA trainers are trainers that deal with the Voice and Accent training in relation to corporate training. Voice and accent trainers look only after the voice modulations and accent communication training. These kinds of trainers generally play a key factor for improvement in cold calls to customers from foreign nations and are most prominent in BPO’S   

Industry Specific Trainer-Industry specific trainers play a key role in developing the corporate skills that are based on the requirements emerging from that particular sector or field. Their role is permanent in one particular sector. Eg:- a finance corporate trainer will always stick to his role of being in the financial field and increasing the revenue by applying great negotiation and communication techniques and training the employees on the same. His role is for the specific industry and not common.

10 Simple English speaking topics

A participant learns effectively when the foundation of the course is strong. The basic aspects of the course always makes the foundation and plays a significant role in further growth and development of the participant. The Basic English course is designed in a way that covers the most basic topics which enable a participant to learn effectively from the beginning.

Our goal is to give the participant a fair idea about his progress as soon as he starts interacting and our 10 Simple English speaking topics are a great way to learn the most frequently used words and sentences that are detailed below:

Self introduction-
Self introduction is the most commonly used term to which generally individuals very commonly use to know about you. This is the most frequently used topic in the most common rounds of the interview sessions. Starting from knowing the terms Me, Myself, Mine etc. Our basic course gives a great way to start up with introducing yourself in the audience that leaves a great impression on everyone.

My father/mother-
My father or mother is the most commonly discussed topic while in public and being fluent in the public while speaking about them is very essential to make a good impression while communication. Learning to use the words he/she, him/her effectively is essential to be confident enough while cracking a conversation.     

My family-
 My family is a topic that is not much different in terms of conversation in public but an essential different that is grammatical is to use words such as they/them when talking altogether about the whole family and this significant change makes it important to learn the topic effectively.    

My daily routine-
We often have the need to express people about our overall activity during the day and having a fair idea about how to discuss it amongst the audience is very important. Generally people when meet this is the most common topic that arises in between of the conversation that makes it important. 

My hobbies-
My hobbies might sound a bit like this is for the amateur participants who are of young age but language doesn’t change with age or time a beginner is a beginner and understanding hobbies and learning to describe their interests in public is essential.

My profession-
A part of the self introduction but plays a key importance to describe effectively amongst the audience about the areas of personal achievement and work that can portray your success.

Ideal person in my life-
It is very often that we have our role models, inspiration or favourite screen artists about whom we love talking about, the most common amongst this in the networking age is conversation about their dressing, their style etc. this makes it essential to learn to describe it and also learn the art of praising an individual.  

My dream-
Describing your dream is an art and often people might ask you about the dreams and showcasing this in an effective way is essential to leave a great impression.

My Ambition-
Understanding the goal of life and having a direction to move on is essential to feel the confidence an individual has, being clear about your ambitions and goals portrays you as a composed individual that is very effective.

Every individual has different interests, knowing what is called as a personality and talking about one amongst you is a common conversation, meeting different people and learning the art of speaking and using the body language to flaunt the audience is essential and plays a key role in development and effective communication.



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