12th Pass Girl from Gujrat becomes an Air Hostess in Vistara Airlines

Daljit Padam, a 12th grade passed student from Gujarat had big dreams for her future. In her childhood days, she would look at flying aeroplanes and used to ask her mother, “ How does the plane fly? Who is in the plane? Can I fly the plane?” Over the years, she nurtured a dream to become an Air Hostess. Her brother, who was living in Mumbai, knew his sisters desire and dreams and wanted all the possible success for her. However he very well knew that she was lacking in her English and Communication Skills.

His hunt for the right institute had started as soon as his sister completed her 12th standard.  Daljit had to come down to Mumbai improve her Spoken English and Communication Skills. They found BM English Speaking Institute on Google. Since they liked the teaching methodology and the modules, Daljit  immediately enrolled for the Advance English Speaking Course.

The trainer first asked her the Course Objective and hence started preparing her for clearing the interview. The training started with improving her English Fluency since the Inteview would be conducted in English. Daljit started doing rigorous Mirror Practice, which invoved she standing in front of the mirror, maintaining eye contact and speaking for five minutes at a stretch. She observed her facial expressions and changed accordingly. She also was trained in Thinking in English as she had a habit of thinking in Gujrati, which is her mother tongue. Since the trainer was from the aviation background, he started preparing her accordingly and prepared her for all possible questions that could be asked and the appropriate answers to be given. She completed her entire training in 25 days. Then she flew to Delhi for an Air Hostess interview for VIstara Airlines and in the very first attempt she cleared all the rounds of interview and got her job with Vistara airlines as an air hostess.

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Thane. Do visit their website www.bmconsultantsindia.com or call them on 9833296195.

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