How to Answer Tricky Interview Questions

While in an interview, you are bound to come across questions, which are very tricky and can leave you speechless. The questions can be related to anything, it may be something personal about you, it may be something about the organization; it may be a situation in which your reaction will be judged or could be something simple but practical. You have to be very quick-witted in these situations and with a calm sense analyze the question from all angles. If they find any kind of weakness, there is a high risk that the rest of the interview can fall into the pit.

There are a few guidelines for every question, which provides a base for every question. Using these guidelines, one can easily create a possibly strong answer. Guidelines for most asked interview questions are given below.

Tell me Something About Yourself

Most of the interviews begin with this question. Obviously, every candidate is prepared for this question and answers this question in the most confident manner. However, it is necessary to keep in mind here that the HR manager only wants to know the relevant details that are actually necessary, if you go on about telling your life story from the time you grew up, there is no doubt that you will soon be hunting for another job opening in some other firm.

There are many different cases observed, where the candidate talks about his or her complex past situations and how there is no peace and harmony at his or her home. There should be nothing negative in your answer as these things are not meant to be brought up in an interview voluntarily. It creates a bad image; moreover, you should only be talking about your education, qualifications, and career. There is no point in speaking more than needed. Restrict your answer to only details that are relevant. Ideally one should restrict the answer to this question in five sentences.

  • My name is [First Name] [Last Name]
  • I stay in [area name]
  • I have completed [highest qualification… instead of M. Com. Say Masters in Commerce] in [Year] from [Institute Name].
  • Overall I have [x] years of experience and am currently working as [current designation] with [company name] since [start of the current job e.g. March 2016]
  • My manager and colleagues have always appreciated my [top two qualities that you have and are relevant to the job you are applying for – e.g. Communication Skills, Quick Learner, Positive Approach, Attention to Detail, Teamwork, Leadership, Focus on Numbers, Accuracy, Quick Turnaround Time, Multi-task, Creativity, Dedication, Research oriented, etc]

The interviewer will then have an opportunity to ask questions based on these points and decide the course of the interview. If there is anything else that the interviewer wishes to know about you, then he or she will ask you about it. I have provided an answer to this question below, which I explained to one of my students during the “Interview Success Workshop” that I conducted in Mumbai at one of our training centers.

What was the reason for leaving your last job?

This is one of the trickiest questions asked in an interview. Remember; do not bad mouth your previous employer in any scenario. You have to present yourself in an utmost positive manner and there should not be any negative signs from your side. Talking bad about your old boss, company or peers is considered as extremely unprofessional and can decrease your chances of getting the job by a large margin. The best way to answer this question is to talk about career advancement and the new company which you are applying for is the right choice for you. Answering this question can be a bit different for the ones who were fired from their previous job. If you were fired, please do not try to cover it up or lie about it in the interview. There are great chances that the company will check your background anyway, so it is better to come clean from the start.

The best way to answer this question if you were fired is to keep it brief and simple. Turn your negative points into positive points by talking about how it was a learning experience for you and what did you do to make up for the mistakes then. Talking about moving on with good confidence can give you extra points. For example,

My skills were not too useful in my previous post. Also, my boss and I had a very different way of thinking and we decided that I should move on to a job where my skills were better used.”

Which other companies have you applied for?

I suggest that you be relaxed when this question is asked. The main motive behind asking this question is to ensure that you are quite serious about finding a new job. If you have applied for a job in many different companies, remember not to give out the entire details, you don’t want to sound too desperate and give them the idea that you will take any job available.

You need to sound professional and confident, mention one or two good companies, offering a decent salary to give them an idea that you have capabilities and you aim high. More importantly, convince them that you actually are very serious in getting a new job.

What are your strengths?

If you think of it, this question is one of the easiest questions that you might have come across. The mistake that most people make while answering this question is that many people give very common answers. Now, what does a very common answer mean? It means an answer that many or everyone usually gives- for example, “I’m pretty hard working” or “I am very loyal to the company I work for” and so on. Your answer depends on the kind of job you’re applying for. Like, if you are applying for an accountancy position, you cannot say that you are good at clerical work.

The answer that you give should ring a bell in the interviewer’s mind and make him or her think that you have something that the other applicants might not have. Use words that show that you have skills which are useful for the job that you are applying for. Avoid words and behavior that may look or feel very generic. Let us take an example of a graphic designer answering this question:

As a graphic designer, my greatest strength is that I understand the need of various people and turn it into the final design work. My passion for creativity and mastery over most features of Photoshop add glitter to gold. Moreover, I can blend in with people easily and so I have great compatibility of working in a team.”

What are your weaknesses?

Where strengths may feel like the easiest questions to answer, undoubtedly one would say that answering questions related to weaknesses is also pretty easy. No. The questions related to weaknesses are the hardest to answer. At the same time, if you think that saying you have little to none weaknesses might give you a stand in the interview, you are extremely wrong. If you say that you have nothing that you must work on, you will come out as being very much arrogant. Speak of a weakness that will not ruin your chances of getting selected, and that can also maintain a very good impression in front of the interviewer. When they are asking your weaknesses, it is one hundred percent work-related, so do not talk of domestic weaknesses, such as helping in chores around the house and baking cakes.

These answers will sound extremely absurd and the interviewer will think that you cannot comprehend the questions and tasks given to you. The best advice would be to tell a work-related weakness and then follow it up by giving examples that you can work on it. If you admit your real weakness and convince the person in front of you that you can work on it, the interviewer can trust you more.

Again, the job that you are applying for will determine the answer you give. I would like to provide an answer that I gave to one of my students Sheetal Sharma during the “Interview Success Workshop” conducted in Hyderabad a few months ago.

2 Secrets That Determine 93% of Interview Success

Since my childhood, I was able to understand what the person’s mood is by looking at his facial expression and behavior. I understood when someone was lying and hiding the truth. Later on, this ability gave me an upper hand in many interviews, where I was in charge. Many candidates give themselves away with their body language; they speak different words than what can be read in their eyes.

It is extremely important to understand the environment. As soon as you enter the room the interviewer may signal you to sit down using his or her hand and you may fail to notice. This may be very simple to you, but then the interviewer has to say things out loud and no interviewer likes to repeat things, which is a fact. You have to be a good observer.

The first thing after entering the room should be to analyze the atmosphere, see what the interviewer’s mood is and how his body moves. Once you understand the atmosphere and put the interviewer
at ease, the rest of the interview might proceed smoothly.

My friend’s son was attending an interview recently. He had just finished his degree and was applying for a job in some private firm. He narrated his experience at the interview at a social gathering. He told me that just like most of the interviews, there were only three positions and twenty candidates competing for them. One thing that was extremely surprising was that all the 20 candidates were assessed in just two hours of time. I couldn’t stop my curiosity and asked him what happened when he entered the room.

He replied that as he entered the room there were three middle-aged men seated around a large table. The table was large so a handshake was not possible. They gestured him to sit and asked general questions about his life, like where was the graduation is done and a little bit about his family. There was not a single question related to the firm or the job. He was done in just five minutes and asked to wait until the results were announced. After waiting for another hour, results were announced and his name was included. He was very happy with the fact that he got the job and that too without putting much effort.
I was not at all satisfied and wanted to figure out the reason behind this mysterious interview. Luckily I knew one of the three interviewers from a new year’s party three years ago.

I somehow connected the dots finally leading to him and inquired about this brainstorming reality. He took a pause for a second and revealed that he and his partners were just deciding whom to hire by observing the candidate’s body language. The candidates that did not make eye contact were rejected instantly, while a few more were rejected because they couldn’t hide their stress and anxiousness, which are two main signs of weaknesses. He also explained that the candidates who were selected were very confident and maintained eye contact while speaking as well as while listening.

Their hands were very professional and the body posture was properly maintained. The main aim of the firm was to hire employees, who were confident and hid their weaknesses effectively. The rest of the details are already present in the resume and training was obvious upon hiring, so, they did not care about anything else other than the person’s personality, which they judged on the basis of the body language.

The candidates that did not make eye contact were rejected instantly, while a few more were rejected because they couldn’t hide their stress and anxiousness, which are two main signs of weaknesses.

This incident always rang a bell inside my head and I never miss an opportunity to explain the new trainees to observe and understand the important signs and gestures needed for an interview. It is not hard to figure out someone’s body language, all you need is the knowledge and some application. I am sure that you can easily figure out your dad’s and mom’s mood when you have done something wrong and you didn’t tell them yet or you went somewhere and you did not come back. Those times are tough and you already know what the results are.

Similarly, if you figure out the mood of the interviewers, there is a high possibility that you can figure out the twists and turns during an interview. You can figure out your parent’s mood easily because you know them well and you understand their expressions. However, in this case, you need to apply logic. There are some basic steps that you can follow to get a better understanding of the interviewer’s mood.

  • Look at the expression of the interviewer as soon as you enter the room. Most of the interviewers are experienced and show no signs of emotion, but sometimes if you are lucky you might understand the mood just with the facial expression.
  • Let the interviewer speak first. Do not speak until asked. Generally, the first question sets the complete atmosphere for the rest of the interview. If the first question asked to you is direct and on the topic like, “why do you think you are fit for this job?” or “Tell us why you are a good candidate for this job”, then the mood is serious and the interviewer is expecting you to react quickly and give quick answers.
  • If the first question is casual like, “How are you?” or “We are pleased to see you, tell us something about yourself”, then you can expect a casual interview. However, a casual interview is considered much more challenging than a straight forwarded one as a casual interview generally involves a lot of tricky questions, which require the candidates to put in a lot of logic.
  • Observe the tone of the interviewer and try to figure out his or her emotions through that. If the interviewer’s voice is loud and pressing, then you are in for a rough time. But, most of the interviewers try to put you at ease first and then suddenly put you in a difficult situation to see your potential.

Keeping eye contact while speaking signifies that you are confident and saying the truth. Moreover, keeping eye contact while listening makes you a good listener, who is concentrated and focused.

Always remember to make eye contact while speaking and also do not break eye contact while listening. Looking at the walls or out of the window while speaking or listening can land you up in either of the places. Also, keep your back straight and sit formally. Many individuals are confused about where to keep their hands during an interview.

It is considered best to keep them in your lap and formally lock them with each other. While you are speaking, move your hands along with the dialogues. Place your hands still while not speaking and do not touch your nose, mouth, ear or any other parts of the body too much. Maintain the decorum inside the interview room.

According to research, the second most important factor that leads to failure in interviews is a lack of enthusiasm and confidence that the candidate shows in the interview. The primary reason for that is a very low level of voice and lack of voice modulation. Now you may want to know what Voice Modulation is. How does it impact an interview?

Let me share with you some very important information about Voice Modulation that I have been sharing in my Voice Modulation Workshops in Mumbai. Well, voice communicates a lot about our current state of excitement and confidence. Since I have trained over 250,000 professionals, I have observed that 98% of students and working professionals do not modulate their voice. And because of this reason, they are perceived as people who lack confidence.

Now in an interview, your hiring manager is continuously judging your personality and if your voice does not show confidence, the interviewer will be unsure of hiring you. In order to develop a high-quality voice, one must follow the following tips:

  • Do loud reading practise for 30 minutes daily –this will help you open up your voice.
  • In case people around you complain that you speak very fast, you need to accept that you are speaking more than 150 words per minute. Generally, when you speak 100 words per minute, it is very easy to understand what you are saying. In order to speak at a rate that the interviewer can easily understand what you are saying, practice extremely slow reading. Read the text with a five-second gap between two words. You need to do this for 30 minutes daily. Thousands of professionals have used this technique to drastically reduce their rate of speech.
  • Learn to correctly modulate your voice. When you modulate your voice, it makes your speech interesting; it helps you express your emotions and also creates an impression that you are confident. In order to develop modulation in your voice, underline two three words in each sentence. Now read the text loudly and stress on the underlined words. Do this for 30 minutes daily. This will help you develop voice modulation.
  • Record your speech on voice recorder on your mobile phone. Then listen to it. Don’t be surprised if you are not very comfortable with your voice. This happens with a lot of people. Now follow the above tips and then record your voice again and listen. Do this until you are satisfied with the quality of your voice.
  • Give your voice some rest before the interview. This will help you to speak with energy in the interview.
  • Gargle with warm water and salt daily. This will clear your throat.

The journey from a teacher to be an Edupreneur

Vrushali Mayekar, a Nursery school teacher, was unable to frame English sentences correctly. Being a teacher, lack of fluency in communication was a major drawback for her and she was equally embarrassed by it. She had ambitious future plans and English was the biggest obstacle in her career path. Thus, she decided to join a spoken English class.

Meanwhile, Vrushali started searching for the best spoken English institute on the internet. She logged on to and discovered about BM English speaking which was incepted in 2004. She decided to join the weekend batch at Our Dadar centre as it was near her residence in Sion.

At BM, Vrushali joined the advance course. On her first day, the trainer at BM English Speaking Institute asked her many questions to find out her course objective, the strengths she possesses and the challenges she faced. As per her course objective, the trainers started working on Vrushali’s spoken English and began correcting her rigorously since she made a host of errors. The advance grammar and vocabulary book helped her to a great extent. She also started attending various seminars at BM which helped her gain confidence. As a teacher has to be active while communicating or teaching her students, she thrived for improvement and perfection. The presentation skills and personality development sessions helped her significantly to enhance her stage appearance, body language, and eye contact.  She has remarkably started speaking English already with noteworthy confidence and flair. This complete transformation in English and Communication Skills led to she decided to be an edupreneur and has now launched her own nursery school.

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar, and Thane. Do visit our website or call them on 9819829608.

Failed in many Interviews and now has Offer Letter from Multiple Companies

Sambhrant Dubey had done his bachelor’s in Engineering in Computer Science. He was looking for a job in IT (Information Technology) sector as a software developer. He was rejected in multiple interviews. The reason for so many rejections was not the Technical round of interviews.  At the end of one of the interviews, the HR gave him feedback about his poor communication skills and also suggested him to work on his Spoken English.

Sambhrant knew that to get a job in a large corporate was not only his need but also his dream. He also realized that his technical skills, his IT Engineering Degree combined with Fluency in English, will not only help him get the first job, but also benefit him in the long run.

Sambhrant started his search for a reputed institute online and found BM English Speaking. He read all the Google reviews of BM English Speaking. After checking all the reviews he decided to join BM English Speaking Course. He was a vernacular medium student who had completed his studies from (UP) Uttar Pradesh. He registered for the English pre-basic course to make his base strong. 

The English trainer taught Sambhrant basic grammar, spellings, sentence structuring and vocabulary. Sambhrant also enthusiastically participated in speaking activities like Conversations, Role-Plays, Public Speaking, Group Discussions and Debates.

Sambhrant started gaining confidence. The pre-basic training was predominantly designed on Hindi-English based conversation, the training helped him to understand, read and write with correct grammar and spellings. He started framing sentences and speaking simple basic English. He started working on his grammatical errors and started improving in his grammar.

With this improved English Fluency and enhanced confidence Sambhrant now started appearing for interviews. He started giving interviews again. He also applied for few BPO  jobs and cleared the interviews. He even started getting positive response and feedback from the interviewers and HR. Now Sambhrant not only had one but many job offers to choose from. To name a few companies where he got shortlisted were- FCS ( First Collection Source), Highwheels Pvt Ltd,I Can and Intelenet Global Service, Thane. This has raised his confidence to get his dream job. He has taken a step ahead and now he is studying further to be better qualified for a better job.

Sambhrant is studying further to clear his Masters Degree in Engineering.

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar, and Thane. Do visit our website or call them on 9833296195.

12th Pass Girl from Gujrat becomes an Air Hostess in Vistara Airlines

Daljit Padam, a 12th grade passed student from Gujarat had big dreams for her future. In her childhood days, she would look at flying aeroplanes and used to ask her mother, “ How does the plane fly? Who is in the plane? Can I fly the plane?” Over the years, she nurtured a dream to become an Air Hostess. Her brother, who was living in Mumbai, knew his sisters desire and dreams and wanted all the possible success for her. However he very well knew that she was lacking in her English and Communication Skills.

His hunt for the right institute had started as soon as his sister completed her 12th standard.  Daljit had to come down to Mumbai improve her Spoken English and Communication Skills. They found BM English Speaking Institute on Google. Since they liked the teaching methodology and the modules, Daljit  immediately enrolled for the Advance English Speaking Course.

The trainer first asked her the Course Objective and hence started preparing her for clearing the interview. The training started with improving her English Fluency since the Inteview would be conducted in English. Daljit started doing rigorous Mirror Practice, which invoved she standing in front of the mirror, maintaining eye contact and speaking for five minutes at a stretch. She observed her facial expressions and changed accordingly. She also was trained in Thinking in English as she had a habit of thinking in Gujrati, which is her mother tongue. Since the trainer was from the aviation background, he started preparing her accordingly and prepared her for all possible questions that could be asked and the appropriate answers to be given. She completed her entire training in 25 days. Then she flew to Delhi for an Air Hostess interview for VIstara Airlines and in the very first attempt she cleared all the rounds of interview and got her job with Vistara airlines as an air hostess.

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Thane. Do visit their website or call them on 9833296195.

A Journey from Vernacular Medium Teacher to an English Medium Teacher

Pushpalata Chavan holds master’s degree in Arts (Marathi Medium) and has done her Bachelor’s in education (bi-lingual) in Marathi & English; looking for promotions at her work place. She works as a school teacher, she teaches Marathi, Hindi and Geography in a vernacular medium school Babulal Pannalal Mohanlal High School in Khar, she wasn’t fluent in English at all & her confidence level was very low. She wanted to overcome her stage fear and wanted to be fluent in her Spoken English so that she could start teaching English Medium students in her school.

Pushpalata went online in search of a Spoken English Institutes and got in touch with BM English Speaking Institute, Dadar Centre. After having a chat with our counselor she decided to join the weekend batch for the Advance English Speaking Course. The trainers conducted various training modules through Group Discussion, Debates, On the Spot speech & other activities related to Powerful Presentation. She started gaining confidence and slowly & steadily her stage fear started vanishing.

After a couple of months she started speaking fluently using the correct grammar, her speeches became more effective and vibrant and also there was tremendous improvement in her thought process. The course material helped her not only in her speeches and group discussion but also in her powerful Presentation Skills, Interview Skills, and Personality Development and   in vocabulary. She also participated in speech competition in her school which was held on 15th Aug 2018 and won the competition & was awarded with a trophy.

She will be appearing for an interview in her school to teach the English medium section, the interview will be held for the next semester after January 2019. Her principal also suggested her to join (DSM) Diploma in School Management for her future success.

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Thane. Do visit their website or call them on 9833296195.

How Runali Kharivale, Fresher got a job in TCS with Rs 1.70 Lac per Annum Salary

Runali Kharivale a B. A. fresher from Mumbai, belonging to a simple middle class family residing at Thane was looking for a job in order to support her family and start her career.

She applied for jobs at various multinational companies, however, couldn’t crack the  interview. She was under depression because most of her batchmates had got jobs and had moved ahead in life. She was going through a lot of stress and was disturbed, this is when she started to think as to where is she lacking and why is she not able to crack any interview. After giving it a thought and considering all possible reasons, she realized just her graduate degree wasn’t enough to get a job, and the English language is a must to crack any interview.

Runali searched on the net and came across BM English Speaking Institute and called up at our Thane Center and visited the training center in Thane. She was very skeptical when she came to the center. after learning about the course details, benefits and success stories of others, she immediately enrolled for an Advance English Fluency Course. She started with Grammar, sentences construction, learned grammar rules, and practiced English speaking activities like group discussion, debates, role plays.

She started gaining confidence through practice-based training and actively took part in all the spoken English activities conducted at the training center.
Gradually she developed fluency and got comfortable communicating in the English language. When the trainer observed her improvement she started training her on interview skills , knowing that Runali’s main objective to enroll for this course was to clear an interview and get a job. The trainer did a number of interview role plays with her, practiced common questions and answers asked in an interview, and did mock interview sessions. This resulted in reducing her area of improvement and increasing her chances of cracking the interview. Now she was ready to face an interview.

She got an opportunity to appear for an interview with Tata Consultancy Services. When the interview started, Runali was confident about herself and answering the questions in English. The first question was “Tell me something about yourself”, to which Runali answered fluently as she had practiced this question during her training. She felt good and was ready for the next question and to answer tricky questions. The interview went on for about 30 minutes. At the end of the interview, she was asked to waits
for sometimes, at this point in time, she had mixed feelings.

She was then told that she will be appearing for a second and final round of interview the next day. Runali contacted her trainer to share the good news and for help to prepare her for the second round of interview. This time she was to meet the director of TCS. (are you sure about this??). The trainer guided her for Advance level questions and Runali managed to crack the final round of interview and got a job as an Operations Executive with Tata Consultancy Services with a starting package of Rs 1.68 p.a.

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Thane. Do visit their website or call them on 9833296195.

Pratik, a fresher got his dream job

Pratik Bhoir, a mechanical Engineer from Thane, was struggling to get his dream job in order to support his family.

Pratik completed his schooling from Marathi medium and hence, he was very weak in English. He couldn’t express himself in English and this disheartened him a lot. In order to find a better job, he showed keen interest in learning English. However, he did not believe in English speaking classes. Soon,  one of his acquaintance,  who was a student at BM English told him about the institute and Pratik decided to give it a try.

Since he trusted his friend completely, he enrolled without any hesitation, for a Advanced English Speaking course. When he came to the class on his first day, he was asked to introduce himself in English. He was extremely nervous on seeing the audience and the trainer as he had never spoken in front of so many people before and on the top of that, he was not fluent in English. He delivered a short speech and our trainer encouraged and corrected him wherever required. She gauged his level and trained him accordingly. Furthermore, he gave speech in the class daily for 90 days which not only helped him to speak in front of others but also helped him to gain the confidence that he needed. He now started enjoying the training as it was full of fun-based activities like role plays, group discussions, debates etc.

Gradually, he could see a lot of improvement in his daily communication. He also developed fluency and confidence. Moreover, in order to meet his course objective of clear a job interview in a large corporate, our trainer helped him with interview skills. Also, she took mock interview sessions. Trainer also shared with Pratik 20 most questions asked in interview and how to answer them.

Eventually, he went for the interview with confidence and answered all the questions confidently without any errors and finally cracked the interview for the post of a Trainee Engineer at Reliance Corporate Park, Ghansoli

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Thane. Do visit their website or call them on 9833296195.

How Trupti Meher gained fluency and confidence in Public Speaking

Trupti Meher an ExTC engineer (Electronics and Telecommunications engineer) in Vidya Vardhane college Vasai was afraid of facing a crowd and lacked confidence.

She had studied from a Marathi Medium School.

She always chose to be an introvert and did not interact with others, nor did she participate in any activities in the college.

Trupti soon realized she needed to gain confidence to speak fluently in English. She got to know about BM English Speaking Institute through a friend and immediately visited our training center in Borivali. She enrolled for an Advance English Fluency Course with BM English Speaking Institute.

In the initial days, she was very quiet and didn’t actively take part in the activities conducted in the class. She learnt sentence structure and rules of grammar through games and activities she became comfortable and started feeling confident about herself. The trainer knew her main objective to join this course was to gain fluency and speak confidently in public and deliver a presentation in college. So he made sure she was a part of all the activities conducted in class. Activities such as Speech, Debate, Group discussion and mainly training on Presentation skills boosted her confidence as she was now able to interact/ ask a question or two to the other English learners in the class related to the topic that she was delivering. This is when the trainer thought she was ready to deliver the presentation.  

So on a Friday the trainer conducted presentation skills in class, so that her areas of improvement and strengths could be identified. All the tips and feedback worked very well for her and she delivered it on the following Monday in her college. It went very smooth and successful. She gained more attention than the whole group as she applied the tips learnt at BM English Speaking Institute. She called the trainer and thanked him for understanding her main course objective and helping her to become a much more confident person. She also mentioned that this course has not only met her short term goal but will be benefit her for the rest of her life.

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Thane. Do visit their website or call them on 9819829608.

English Fluency got Akash Yadav the dream job of an HR Executive

Akash Yadav, a post graduate was determined to fulfill his dream. The only child in his middle class family, Akash was highly dedicated to his dream of becoming an HR of a company.

  Akash used to work as an Executive in a Call Centre but was not content with his job. He was attempting to clear an HR interview but even after many trials he couldn’t clear any of them. He was good in English but he had problems with pronunciation because of his fast pace and unclear accent. Also, he was daunted since he was unable to clear the interview. He left his job and searched for a class for enhancement of his interview skills. He visited BM English Speaking center and registered himself.

On the first day, he informed the Trainer, “I want to crack an interview within a month”. When he came for the speaking session, his trainer noticed that he spoke too fast and his speech was quite vague. Akash Yadav followed the trainer’s instructions genuinely. He practiced each speech 20 times before presenting in the class. He did this exercise for 90 such speeches. Each day he was improving in every aspect of communication. The trainer suggested some tactics that helped him to control his speed. Gradually, he improved and gained confidence. To fulfill his  objective, the trainer took mock interview sessions for a week.

Finally, he went for the interview with confidence and positivity. Surprisingly, he cleared the interview in the first attempt.  After clearing the interview he was exhilarated and overwhelmed. He was really obliged to his Trainer for helping him to achieve his goal. He told the trainer “ I never knew that learning English at your Institute will help me achieve my dream job. Moreover, I am extremely happy that you identified my specific weakness of speaking very fast and helped me with the technique to eliminate the same. I will be forever thankful to you for the same.” After a few months, he came up with another great news that he received the Best Employee of the month Award.

This is one of the many success stories at BM English Speaking which has four training centers in Mumbai – Borivali, Andheri, Dadar and Thane. Do visit our website or call them on 9819829608.

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