Why do you want another job?

Interviewers are frequently interested to hear about the decisions that the candidate has made for his or her career.

Below mentioned are a few possible ways to respond to the question of wanting to seek more challenge:

1. The candidate can mention that he or she has had a good time with the current company, but have ambitions that makes one realise that more can be done. You are willing to take new and bigger roles and are keen to stretch your abilities.

2. The candidate can say that he or she can make a significant contribution for the current employee. So rather than just earning money, you look forward to something more exciting and challenging.

A. Why do you want to leave your current job?

This is just the variation of the last question.  One should remember to emphasise the positive qualities of the employer as opposed to displaying only the negative aspects of the current employer.

Focus on the positive reasons you want to join a new firm rather than focusing on the negative thoughts. If one happens to mention the negative thoughts the one should not dwell on them for long.

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