Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging allows people to make the use of Internet chat conversation which enables in providing information back and forth in the current time. It is often used as a social networking tool. Instant messaging has become a great asset to people allowing them to talk to family, friends, relatives etc.

1. Economical

Instant messaging allows communication between two people in any part of the world without having to pay any charges associated with the phone usage. Many companies come up with some internal plans or schemes for the convenience of their employees.

2. Convenience

Instant Messaging allows real time conversations without disturbing anybody’s schedule or taking away anyone’s time. If one is in the middle of some work and receives a call, but with the use of instant messages one can at their convenience have a chat with the concerned person without hampering the routine.

3. Instant

In instant messaging, one does not have to wait for a response like in an email. In text, the person with whom you are communicating is normally connected to the site. One can also control the information the one desires to share with the other person.

4. Be in touch

It enables one to be in touch with family, friends or relatives, when one is not in the same city, state or country. It also allows one to make new friends across the globe. It allows one to speak to multiple people at the same time.

Thus, with the introduction of Internet, much of our communication happens through the screens of our computer monitors and also through our phones. One of the many additions to this is Instant Messaging.

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