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October 2014 - BM English Speaking

Frequently Asked Questions in Interviews

Interviews often follow a certain path. Interviewers often recycle the same questions form interview to interview. Interviewers want to know about the decisions you have taken to get you where you are in your career, why are you looking for a new job?

In answering these questions, be sure to provide brief example wherever possible. Below mentioned are few FAQ’s:

1. Tell me about yourself

Many interviewers like to begin by asking this question. The open ended nature of the questions means that you could potentially answer it in a number of ways.

Avoid talking about your upbringing, family, interests outside of work or your goals of life.

Mention your name, qualification, hobbies and your last employer.

2. Glimpse of your career

Speak in brief about your career. Take the interviewer through your 1st employer and gradually to your last employer. Finish off by talking about why you want to move again. Practice the response to this question and time yourself. You should avoid speaking for more than two or at the most three minutes.

3. Your motivation

You should be able to tell the interviewer that you are the most motivated when you are helping the employer to achieve their goals. You can answer saying that ‘I like to know that my work is making a difference and to be surrounded by bright and committed personalities’.

4. Enjoy the most in your job

One must have a nice tactic of responding to this question. Before answering think about the main responsibilities in the job that you are being interviewed for and then incorporate the same in your reply.

5. Least liked thing in your job

The interviewer will not accept if you say that you each and every moment of your job. You can answer this question as:

The paper work in your job is very time consuming.  While answering this question ensure that the things that frustrate you are out of your control or that you have tried to improve the situation but also hold good reasons for not being able to change the job.

6. How is performance measured

Always ensure that you be very specific while answering the questions. The more specific you are, the more believable you will make it. If one is unable to talk about performance measurement, my appear floppy.

7. Describe your current company

While appearing for the interview, one should never speak bad about the current employer. But if one desires to get a job  then ideally one should be able to give the impression that you enjoy serving your current company, but that there are one or two aspects in your interviewer’s organisation that are even more attractive.

8. Salary Expectation

This is one of the deciding questions in the interview.  You can answer this by saying that you are looking for a challenging role that will give you an opportunity to exploit your potentials and channelise them in the right direction. You can give a rough idea about your salary expectation.

Hence, one should answer all the questions with grace and confidence and impress the interviewer.

Interview Success Secrets

Interview plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. A great interview should be a stimulating conversation. If the interviewer asks you a question, give a relatively short answer. If you keep talking and talking and talking, you may lose the audience and also the job.

In fact, the interviewers are more likely to have a positive response to candidates when the interviewer talks more than the candidate.

Utmost attention must be paid to the verbal ties. If you desire a professional job, speak like a professional. Avoid sprinkling the speech with slangs like “Like”, “You know”. This is the easiest way to be eliminated as a professional candidate.

The candidate must speak with confidence. Do not preface everything with “I think”, it weakens the message. Confidence is an element that can give you a cut above the edge.

Within about a minute and half, the interviewer has made an assessment of you. If after 90 seconds the interviewer decides that you are a good candidate, then everything will be viewed through that lens. However, if you have not made a positive first impression, it is likely to downhill from there.

One should make sure to dress appropriately, sit up straight, make eye contact and smile. All these things make a huge difference.

Majority of the times, the candidate fails to give importance to hobbies and special skills, as they presume that they are just a fluff. But, the fact remain that they are actually the conversation starters. The candidate should grab the opportunity to build up connectivity with the interviewer.

Hence, no matter of how the interview goes, it is not over until the candidate writes a “Thank You Note.” It should be a short email sent within 24 hours of the interview. It is an opportunity to reinforce one’s interest in the job.

Why do you want another job?

Interviewers are frequently interested to hear about the decisions that the candidate has made for his or her career.

Below mentioned are a few possible ways to respond to the question of wanting to seek more challenge:

1. The candidate can mention that he or she has had a good time with the current company, but have ambitions that makes one realise that more can be done. You are willing to take new and bigger roles and are keen to stretch your abilities.

2. The candidate can say that he or she can make a significant contribution for the current employee. So rather than just earning money, you look forward to something more exciting and challenging.

A. Why do you want to leave your current job?

This is just the variation of the last question.  One should remember to emphasise the positive qualities of the employer as opposed to displaying only the negative aspects of the current employer.

Focus on the positive reasons you want to join a new firm rather than focusing on the negative thoughts. If one happens to mention the negative thoughts the one should not dwell on them for long.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging allows people to make the use of Internet chat conversation which enables in providing information back and forth in the current time. It is often used as a social networking tool. Instant messaging has become a great asset to people allowing them to talk to family, friends, relatives etc.

1. Economical

Instant messaging allows communication between two people in any part of the world without having to pay any charges associated with the phone usage. Many companies come up with some internal plans or schemes for the convenience of their employees.

2. Convenience

Instant Messaging allows real time conversations without disturbing anybody’s schedule or taking away anyone’s time. If one is in the middle of some work and receives a call, but with the use of instant messages one can at their convenience have a chat with the concerned person without hampering the routine.

3. Instant

In instant messaging, one does not have to wait for a response like in an email. In text, the person with whom you are communicating is normally connected to the site. One can also control the information the one desires to share with the other person.

4. Be in touch

It enables one to be in touch with family, friends or relatives, when one is not in the same city, state or country. It also allows one to make new friends across the globe. It allows one to speak to multiple people at the same time.

Thus, with the introduction of Internet, much of our communication happens through the screens of our computer monitors and also through our phones. One of the many additions to this is Instant Messaging.

Modern Communication Media Method

Communication media refers to the means of delivering and receiving data or information. The communication media acts a communication channel for various devices that will enable them to interact with each other.

1. Fax

Fax is used as a way of delivering paper document from one place to another. In those scenarios, a hard copy is not essential.

2. E-mail

E-mail has become the primary means for delivering when compared to the use of newspaper or telephone.

3. Intranet

Intranet makes use of the same technology as internet, but it operates within the confines of the organisation. Intranet is majorly used to deliver texts and images. Information is much

less expensive it distribute and maintain with an intranet than that with paper.

4. Phone

Phone is universal and it is not possible to practically reach anywhere, anytime. Conferencing facilities make it possible for meetings of three or more people to take place remotely.

5. Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing makes use of phone lines to transmit video as well as sound between two or more parties.

6. Television

Like Radio, TV is typically used for public rather than business purposes. However, some organisations with large networks make use of TV programs at the workforce.Thus, modern methods of communication are the easiest, yet powerful project management application.

Inclusive Sessions

Conducting all inclusive sessions forms the later and more advanced part of the training. Module should be conducted in a way that it meets the needs of all the participants. An all inclusive training session means a session that has all the contents that meets the needs of all the different participants in one particular session. Different participants have different kinds of weakness and strengths in relation to their soft skills hence they require particular grooming in their particular areas of development. Knowing the participants and their needs is the most important part of training when it comes to making a session all inclusive.

In a group of many participants there are many different categories of participants and every other individual need to be tackled with different strategies and solutions to their problems. There are many aspects of training sessions such as Basic training, Grammar, Body language Grooming and Personality Development, Open Group Discussion, Public Speaking. Some might find the public speaking part difficult some might slog in the grammar or group discussion areas hence knowledge about the individuals that make up the group is very important.

Below is a basic structure of how an all inclusive session can be conducted     

Group A- This part is the first part of the session and should include activities that are common for all the participants without paying attention to the weaker or stronger development areas of the individuals.

Group B- In this group participants can be grouped into different sections according to their ability and area of improvement where each group can be defined and given topics related to their needs which would help them improve particularly on their weaker areas and give better than expected results,

Group C-This group is for the participants that require individual assistance and a lot of focus for their development. These participants can be trained on individual basis by involving them in interaction with the trainer and the audience, assigning different role plays and public speaking topics.

Conclusion-   Designing a module that is all inclusive with respect to the needs of the participants and assigning them into different categories of groups according to their similar abilities and performance is the best way to deliver an all inclusive session.

Top 10 Qualities of an Effective Trainer

A trainer with all the effective qualities is very essential for the growth and development of the participants along with the continuous growth of the organization. A trainer should possess a combination of the top 10 qualities that make him efficient and effective; these qualities are detailed below-

Appearance gives the first impression of an individual’s behaviour. First impression is created within the first few seconds of a meeting. It is very important to have a pleasing personality to make the public comfortable in order to interact and create great impression. Appearance is the first and foremost quality of an effective trainer.


Punctuality is a very essential trait of an effective trainer. An individual who respects time is respected and appreciated by public. Lost time can never be earned back and hence appreciating and utilizing it effectively is the key to success.


Language forms the most basic part of the effective quality to be possessed by the trainer. Having a good grip and command over the language is the key to improve communication and create an effective impression. 

Communication Skills:
Communication skills are very essential to be an effective speaker. Communication is the most important aspect of an effective trainer. First impression can be created by appearance but maintaining the impression effectively requires polished communication skills.

Effective Tone:
Voice modulation or having an effective tone in communication is the most essential part to make communication effective. Content matters but tone is very essential for an effective impact of the communication. It helps to stress on the highly important points of impact and thereby enhance communication.

Effective completion of tasks is solely dependent on effective planning in relation to the process. Planning is an essential aspect that an effective trainer should learn to meet the tasks, deadlines and commitments he is assigned to. This improves the performance of the trainer and makes him more effective.  

Learning Attitude:
Possessing a learning attitude is very essential for continuous development and growth of an individual. Every other individual has different kinds of experience and qualities in life that portrays his knowledge. Learning from every other individual’s experience and qualities is very essential for being an effective trainer.

Everyone possesses the quality but very few take the initiative to lead from the front. In order to be a successful trainer there should be more action and less reaction. Being a leader, it is very essential to lead a team of participants and make their growth and development effective.

Negotiation Skills:
The most important trait of an effective trainer is to have effective negotiating skills, making the participants understand and clearing their doubts is very essential. Negotiating skills are very important to convince the participants and other individuals in relation to difficult situations at training.

Corporate Behaviour:
Individuals grow from their mind and bodies and still some trainers are amateur at actions. Being in a corporate world requires high level of professionalism and maturity. Behaving according to the industry standards is very essential in order to maintain a positive and effective image. Appropriate behaviour is the key aspect to become an effective trainer.

Body Language and Tone in Interview

Rapport is not established at any point in the interview. Building rapport is something that you need to do throughout the interview.

  • 1. Eye contact

One has to maintain an eye contact throughout the interview. The candidate should look in the eyes of the interviewer while speaking. It indicates transparency and displays confidence. One can raise their eye brows occasionally. It shows that one is actively paying attention to what the interviewer is saying.

  • 2. Hand movements

One can make use of hand movements to emphasize key points. Observe any good public speaker and one will notice that they use their hands to punctuate their words.

3. Short utterances

One can make use of short utterances like “mmm” occasionally to show that one understands and agrees with what the interviewer is saying or asking.

4. Volume

One needs to keep a watch on the volume of one’s speech. Being barely audible would show that one is less confident and being too loud would make one appear to be arrogant.

5. Avoid sounding monotonous

One of the commonest complains that interviewers have is that the candidates sound flat, lifeless and boring throughout the interview session. So one must talk about one’s own achievements and sound lively.

Thus, voice qualities such as tone, volume and inflection of speech have a major effect in projecting one’s personality and it also reflects one’s enthusiasm and confidence.

What is Presentation and its Importance

Presentation is a speech or talk in which a new product or idea is shown and explained to an audience. It is an means of communication which can be adopted to various speaking situations, such as talking in a group or addressing a meeting or briefing a team.

Majority of the people would agree with the fact that ‘Presentation Skills’ are important. Everybody has presentation skills, some are better than others.

The primary goal is for your presentation skills to be better than your competitors.

The secondary goal is for your presentation skills to get better with every presentation that you deliver.

Presentation skills are important for business success.

In today’s business environment, the competition in the workplace is getting more and more competitive. It is no longer enough to just have the capability to do the job, one should be able to talk well, write well and present yourself well. Business leaders are often expected to present their message with confidence and clarity.

Presentation skills are important to individual success. For many people, the first important presentation that they might have delivered would be ‘Job Interview ‘, which is really a presentation. Success rides on their presentation outshining the competition.

In most organisations, day to day business entails teamwork. That means presenting to your team or on behalf of your team is.  Presentation forms a part of one’s daily activities.

The most important element in a presentation is ‘You’. You are the one that are you direct is concentrating on. You convey who you are based on your body language, speech and overall mannerisms. However, the most important thing is that you should be comfortable during the presentation because it is then that you can perform at your best.

Developing presentation skills and giving an effective presentation is not an easy matter. It is said that some people are born with presentation skills but one should also remember that presentation skills can be learned. It can be developed further when it is being practiced regularly, so develop your presentation skills and become an expert.

Replacing Pessimistic thoughts with Optimistic ones

Human mind is filled with thoughts that come and go constantly. Mind is never empty. Thoughts can be segregated as Optimistic ones and Pessimistic ones. We all have little voices in our heads. When something goes wrong or when we come across an embarrassing situation, one mind tells us how did we react or how were we and our thoughts during that process.

These popping up of negative thoughts can cause us to feel more nervous and also make us behave in ways that are not very helpful.

Below mentioned are a few steps on how one can replace negative thoughts with positive ones:

1. Acknowledge Pessimistic thoughts

Anything or thought can bother us till the time we do not accept or acknowledge it. One should acknowledge negative thoughts by taking a sheet of paper and writing them down in the context of interview and finding a new job.

2. Replace negative thoughts with affirmations

One should zero down to positive phrases about their ownself that one can repeat to oneself when one hears one’s inner critic putting one down. Instead of telling ‘ I am not good at interviews’, one should think ‘I can be good at interviews.’ This will make one confident and evolve as winner.

3. Repetition of optimistic thoughts

One should always prepare positive thoughts over and over to oneself. Once you realise that your thoughts are turning negative, shift them and use the optimistic thoughts.  It may seem a bit silly at the start but it is for our benefit.

Hence, one should phrase the affirmations positively in terms of what one wants to achieve.

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