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June 2013 - BM English Speaking

Structuring Presentations


Structuring a presentation includes the alignment of the content to be presented; Right from the Introduction to the conclusion structuring includes various aspects which should be presented in a very simple and informative manner to give it a professional Touch.

Basic steps while structuring a presentation- 

IntroductionIntroduction forms the first part while structuring a presentation; it is the first impression of the topic leading it to the descriptive part. Introduction should contain information about the content and purpose of the presentation and must be started in a very positive way to grab public’s attention. Introduction must always start with a greeting to the public and then lead towards the topic of presentation and explanation.

 BodyBody of the presentation should always include the most important parts to be discussed. Highlighted parts of the content which are captivating to the public should form the body of a presentation. Interaction with public during a presentation plays a vital role in keeping the audience alive and connected. Idioms, image transitions and animation should be used in combination with the highlighted important parts of the description in the Body. The content in the body part should be more in terms of highlighted Keywords and not in the form of long descriptive sentences; explanation part should be limited to speech and the appearance of the content must be in highlighted.

Conclusion- Conclusion of a presentation is another important part of a presentation, it is a stage where the summary of the whole presentation can be described and a concluding message should be added. An overview of the whole presentation if summarized effectively would leave a lasting impression on the audience. Conclusion must always end on a thanking note to the public for their attention.


Introduction and conclusion designed with an impactful content and appropriately structured Body would leave a lasting impression on the public .

Tips for Personality Development

Personality Development
Personality of an individual is can be defined as the behavioural aspects of an individual in relation to the professional and personal attributes. Personality development is of significant importance and creates a great impression on public if the personality of an individual is effective. Personality development is an essential trait for the growth and development of an individual.

Tips for developing an effective personality-   

Developing an effective personality requires various aspects and qualities to be developed in an individual that help him to convert himself into an effective personality. These qualities are detailed below-

Communication skills- Communication skills are the most important aspect for the development of a strong personality. Communication is the key to develop relations amongst people and continue to leave a lasting impression of your personality. A person who appears bright but is not able to communicate cannot make his mark even if he has the most attractive personality.

Appearance- Appearance of an individual is the first impression of his / her personality and the kind of appearance he/she carries makes the mark on the public. Body language of an individual i.e. the way he treats every other individual with his gestures and his behaviour, the way he carries his own self and creates a body language of his own makes a significant change in the personality.

Leadership- Taking a stand is always important and a key quality of a leader. Being diplomatic is easy but to chose the right option always helps you to make a mark, some individuals choose to be on the safer side but that never helps leading from the front and taking initiative is important and hence essential for development of a personality.

Motivation- Motivation from external sources is temporary and a strong personality is never dependent on them for his enthusiasm. Being highly motivated provides an individual the much required confidence to meet the growing challenges and stick to his path. Motivation is very essential for creating a lasting effect of your personality that creates positivity in and around your presence.

Effective development of personality not only depends on these qualities but is highly dependent on the attitude and mindset of an individual.

Using Humour, Ice-breakers, Games, Stories to Create Interest in Trainings

Conducting Training can be very effective when it appears interesting to the audience. The best way to make the training interesting for the audience is to conduct the training keeping in mind their areas of likes and dislikes. An individual is always keen to hear what he/she is interested in and that makes the training very effective. Judging the interests levels of all the participants is essential but practically very difficult hence a constant and common approach for all types of individuals is the key to make the training interesting. A few factors that play a great role in making the training interesting are as follows:-

Humour is the key remedy to make the training atmosphere comfortable to the audience. It helps in a great way to build rapport with the participants and bring effectiveness in training. Humour is the best way to neglect or criticize unexpected and difficult behaviour of participants or situations, its helps to handle such situations effectively without too much difficulty.

Ice Breakers-
Ice breakers are very important tool for keeping the audience in the training alive. They are very important source to encourage the participants to increase their active participation and make the training more effective. Ice breakers motivate the audiences in a great way and selection of ice breakers should always be in conjunction to the training topic to enhance effectiveness.

Games are an interesting way to understand and learn. Just as we were kids we learned with various pictures, objects and music the same way a person learns things in a much better way when they are combined with games. Various memory booster games are very effective in training and enhancing the training quality.

Stories are a great mode of interaction with the audience. They help in making the training more interesting and interactive. Stories are the best tool to motivate the audience. Various real facts that are real life stories of the great achievers in different fields are the best inspiration for the trainees and boost their confidence to a great level.

Top 10 Qualities of an Effective Trainer

A trainer with all the effective qualities is very essential for the growth and development of the participants along with the continuous growth of the organization. A trainer should possess a combination of the top 10 qualities that make him efficient and effective; these qualities are detailed below-

Appearance gives the first impression of an individual’s behavior  First impression is created within the first few seconds of a meeting. It is very important to have a pleasing personality to make the public comfortable in order to interact and create great impression. Appearance is the first and foremost quality of an effective trainer.

Punctuality is a very essential trait of an effective trainer. An individual who respects time is respected and appreciated by public. Lost time can never be earned back and hence appreciating and utilizing it effectively is the key to success.

Language forms the most basic part of the effective quality to be possessed by the trainer. Having a good grip and command over the language is the key to improve communication and create an effective impression. 

Communication skills-
Communication skills are very essential to be an effective speaker. Communication is the most important aspect of an effective trainer. First impression can be created by appearance but maintaining the impression effectively requires polished communication skills.

Effective tone-
Voice modulation or having an effective tone in communication is the most essential part to make communication effective. Content matters but tone is very essential for an effective impact of the communication. It helps to stress on the highly important points of impact and thereby enhance communication.

Effective completion of tasks is solely dependent on effective planning in relation to the process. Planning is an essential aspect that an effective trainer should learn to meet the tasks, deadlines and commitments he is assigned to. This improves the performance of the trainer and makes him more effective. 

Learning attitude-

Possessing a learning attitude is very essential for continuous development and growth of an individual. Every other individual has different kinds of experience and qualities in life that portrays his knowledge. Learning from every other individual’s experience and qualities is very essential for being an effective trainer.

Everyone possesses the quality but very few take the initiative to lead from the front. In order to be a successful trainer there should be more action and less reaction. Being a leader, it is very essential to lead a team of participants and make their growth and development effective.

Negotiation skills-
The most important trait of an effective trainer is to have effective negotiating skills, making the participants understand and clearing their doubts is very essential. Negotiating skills are very important to convince the participants and other individuals in relation to difficult situations at training.

Corporate behaviour-
Individuals grow from their mind and bodies and still some trainers are amateur at actions. Being in a corporate world requires high level of professionalism and maturity. Behaving according to the industry standards is very essential in order to maintain a positive and effective image. Appropriate behaviour is the key aspect to become an effective trainer.


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